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VWCP Activities

VWCP Activities:
Past, Present & Future

1. Meetings
We meet every Saturday at 9:00 P.M. at the Burger Machine in Timog Avenue in Quezon City.

2. Bug Runs
Almost monthly, we have what we call a “Fun Run” or a “Bug Run”. They are actually motorcades and pleasure trips using our reliable Volks. We combine this activity with parts hunts. The Bug-runs are planned in such a way that the route taken will involve hill climbs, twisting roads and long stretches of road to hone the skills of the VW car owners.

3. Drag Races
We participate in legal Drag races.

1. All-VW drag races-wherein a VW competes against a VW, for fun.The cars are grouped into a matrix of Stock, Modified, 1200/1300, 1500/1600 with a handicap system to determine the top eliminator.
2. Regular Drag Races-VW's compete with all other cars in the regular races sposored by the Drag Racing Federation of the Philippines. Every one in the Philippine racing circle knows, that it is a specially prepared Volkswagen Beetle who lords it over all cars including the V-8’s. It is the "Top Eliminator"

4. Slaloms
We are a regular participant to the Annual Motorshow / Petron Sponsored Slaloms. There is an all-VW event here. During the earlier years, to determine the "Driver of the Year" award, all the event winners: all-VW, all-Minis, all-Toyotas etc. are pitted against each with a handicap system. The VW Beetle again won. Maybe, to save embarrassment for the high-tech and exotic cars, the practice was dicontinued and so we have only winners for every event.

5. Vintage Car Circuit Racing
By way of an invitations from the Manila Sports Car Club, the governing body for Vintage Racing in the Philippines, the VW Club of the Philippines eagerly participates in Vintage Car Racing. The First Philippine Historic Races was held at the Subic International Raceway on May 4 & 5, 1996 in cooperation with the Japan Classic Car Association.

6. Volkswagen Day (in the Philippines)
Every first Sunday of December
The flyer of the VW Show '96. One of the rare instances wherein a Type 34 image is included in an all VW Show poster.


A. Car Show And Competition
The Volkswagen Club of the Philippines, is the only club that has its own yearly, exclusivel VW Car Show and Competition. It is held during the"Volkswagen Day". This competition is open to members and non-members alike.

Guidelines for those wanting to join the competition:

The VW Club Car Show and Competition rules are unique. First, the car entry will have to be driven to the show area. Towed or trailered car entries are not accepted. Second, Aesthetics and Function are of equal importance. While the bodywork, paint, interior, trunk and engine compartment should be in pristine condition, it is expected that the engine should start at one cranking, the whole electrical system should be functioning, the brakes, clutch and accelerator should have the proper clearances, the tire pressures are correct, the engine oil clean and of the right level etc. Points are deducted for each mechanical or electrical malfunction. Additional points are awarded to those cars equiped with period accessories. For Stock & Super Stock Categories, points are deducted for each item that is missing, incomplete or wrong for that particular model year or type.

When we say Volkswagen, most people have the Beetle in their mind. We cannot blame them. Over 30 million Beetles have been produced and production is still going on in Mexico. Aside from the Beetle, we also have the Karmann Ghias. The type 2’s which are popularly known as the Kombis, Transporters, Crew cabs, and Pick-ups. We also have the Type 3’s Which are the Tradback (also referred to as Fastbacks) , the Notchbacks and the Squarebacks also referred to as the Variants). We also have the type 4’s which are the 411 and 412 in Tradback and Variant versions. We have also the sports utility vehicles such as the Thing or 181 the Dune buggy and the Sand rails. We have the water-cooled VW’s such as the Golfs, the Sciroccos, the Passats, Corrados, Ventos, Transporters, Caravelles, etc. We also have the Brasilias and of course DMG’s Sakbayan, the Trakbayan and the sporty Toro. The Competition is open to members and non-members alike. So if you have any of the above VW’s or for that matter anything powered by a VW, join our show and competition. We have classes for any VW you can think of. You would be surprised that most of the winners are non members. Some of the members join the Club after entering in the VW show. You can also be an instant member, and avail of the privileges of the Club Members. Very few of the entries are bone stock. In fact most of the entries are semi stock, customized, modified, personalized, Cal look or even radicals.

B. VW Toys and Memorabilia Show and Competition
In addition to the Car competition, there is also the VW Toys and Memorabilia Show and Competition. Here we show our collection of Volkswagen toys, models, collectibles, literature and any thing related to Volkswagens.

C. VW Parts Swap Meet 
There is also a parts swap meet, where we invite everyone who has some VW parts or things to sell or trade to be present.

D. VW Merchandise Sale
VW Club T-Shirts, Patches, Stickers, VW T-shirts, VW collectibles are on sale here

E. VW Club Yearbook
Every December, usually during the VW Day, we publish our Yearbook. It contains a lot of photos and information on VW’s, the club activities and the members.

7. 1997 Activities:

       Date                                         Major Activity                           
April 5-9 Display of VW Club Entry to the Motorshow 8

-World Trade Center, Roxas Blvd.

April 9 Vintage Car Slaloms     -WTC Parking Lot
December 7 VW Day '97 (All VW Show)

Highlights Of Major Activities:

April 5 to 9 -  Motorshow International at the World Trade Center at Roxas Blvd. The venue is one of the prestigious Exhibition Centers in Metro Manila, Philippines.    The VW Club display was located at the foyer. Exhibited was a red Karmann Ghia Convertible. The props used were a working Juke box, Four (4) Standees, one with the VWCP Club Badge and name, another with an old VW Karmann Ghia ad entitled "The Pussycat", and two (2) others with vintage posters.

April 9 - Car Clubs Meet / Vintage Car Slaloms at the "Boom na Boom" Carnival Site. The VW Club delegation arrived at about 9:45 A.M. after a motorcade from Shakeys, Quezon Avenue thru Quezon Ave., Espana St., Quezon Blvd., Roxas Blvd., and finally Buendia Ave. There were about 20 VW's in the motorcade. About ten (10) others were already waiting at the grounds. Almost all of the participating Car Clubs were already there, when the VW's arrived. There were the Vintage Car Club group, the Mini group, the Muscle Cars Group etc. For the 4th consecutive year, the VW Club of the Philippines won the "Biggest Delegation" award.

Registration for the Vintage Car Slaloms followed with each club scrutineering and classifying their own car entries. To simplify classification, and limit the classes into four (4), the VW Group was divided as follows: Stock A -engines 1200 & 1300 cc stock engines, Stock B - 1500 & 1600 cc stock engines, Modified A - modified engines with up to 2 venturies, and Modified B - modified engines with up to 4 venturies. Each participant was allowed one practice run and two official runs, after which the best time is determined, and 1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophies for each Class was awarded at about 5:00 P.M.

April 13 -         KGB Fun Run to Morong.               The KGB,s (Karmann Ghia Boys or Kung Gabi Babaero   [translation: Womanizer by night]    or Kung Gabi Bading     [translation: Homosexual by night] or whatever) had a "Karmann run" to the farm of Papa Wagen. There were 3 convertibles and 2 coupes. It started with a 9 o'clock breakfast at Rack's in Julia Vargas Ave., Ortigas Commercial Center, then a convoy along Ortigas Ave Extension, an uphill climb to Antipolo, and downhill to Teresa, and finally Morong, Rizal. At the farm, the first thing that will attract your attention is a 1950 Split window, probably the oldest Beetle in the Philippines sitting under a shed. It is in good condition. A sumptous lunch was prepared by the host, after which the parts hunt began. One can not imagine that there are hundreds of NOS glasses and windshields for Volkswagens, stocked here in these mountains. There were hundreds of NOS fiberglass gas tanks, some NOS fiberglass "continental Beetle" decklids, NOS fiberglass "Rolls Royce Beetle" hoods, Type 3 platform chassis, NOS side panels, and special tools. There were also hundreds of surplus Kennedy type military jeep bodies and engines. The group left for Manila at about 3:30 P.M.

Note:    If you are interested in the parts listed above, please e-mail me, I will refer you to the owner.

April 20 - Fun Run to Clark Air Base . On invitation by the Manila Sports Car Club (MSCC), the VW Karmann Registry Group of the VW Club of the Philippines went on a fun run with the sports cars of the (MSCC). Incidentally, the Manila Sports Car Club, is the governing body for Vintage Car Racing in the Philippines. Rightfully, the VW Karmann Ghias were allowed to race with these group of Sports Cars. Who could deny the fact that the VW Karmann Ghia can outhandle some models of the Porsche, as reported in a non-VW motoring magazine? The MSC group was very professional and friendly. Everybody who is somebody in Philippine sports car collecting was there. A misunderstanding of time schedule, left five (5) Karmann Ghias still in Manila while the main group was already in the road to Clark Air Base. Anyway, the 5 KarmannGhias, followed, and had breakfast with the group at the Mimosa Golf Clubhouse inside the base. After the buffet breakfast, the group went on a motorcade around the base. (The Clark Air Base was the largest U.S. Military Installation outside the U.S., before it was turned over to the Philippine government.) After several minutes, and lost directions, the group parked their cars under the trees of a public recreation area. After scrutineering of the cars, sharing of jokes and picture taking, the group dispersed at about 10:30 A.M. The Karmann Group went to the nearby Dau, Mabalacat area for some shopping for hardware& technical things. The group of six (6) left for Manila at about 12:30 P.M.

8. 1998 Activities:



Jan 31 Race Driving Clinic
Feb 22 Bug Run to Morong, Rizal. Includes a "Parts Hunt"
Mar 28-29 Bug Run to Nasugbu Batangas
April 19 Run What You Brung at the Subic International raceway
May 3 Mass Car Blessing at the Fort bonifacio Marine Parade Grounds
May 3 Run What You Brung at the Subic International raceway
May 17 Bug Run to Eastridge, Binangonan, Rizal
June 21 Meeting of all VW Car Clubs in the Philippines hosted by VWCP. Motorcade from Quezon City to Folk Arts Theater in Manila to commemorate World Wide VW Day which is held every June 22. (It so happened that June 22 is a regular office day so we advanced the celebration)
Dec 6 (Philippine) VW Day '98 at the Fort Bonifacio Naval Station in Makati

Car Show & Competition, Toys & Memorabilia Show & Competition, Swap Meet, Concert, Games, Raffles etc.                  

9. Beetle Cup of the Philippines
We are in the process of organizing the all-VW Beetle Circuit Races. There will be two classes, the Stock Class, limited to 1200 cc engines and an Open class with no limits to engine modifications and displacements. Most of the members already attended the Race driving clinic in preparation for this event.

10. Shelved Projects:       

a. Quarterly Magazine   

b. Book    -The Volkswagen in the Philippines   


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