Pinoy Volks

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          Remember those little critters running all over the place when we were younger?  They came in all sorts of odd shapes and dazzling colors and made funny noises as they went by.  You'd see them practically everywhere.  On wide open roads, dark alleyways, secluded farm lands, high up in the mountain or down by river valleys.  They just seem to manage to go everywhere imaginable.  Mind you they aren't pests nor insects, though they do have a tendency to infect both the young and old alike.  What are these seemingly mythicalcreatures you ask? Well, what else could they be except the ever lovable and loyal Volkswagen!
          Just like everywhere else in the world, Volkswagens had invaded the Philippines  since the late 50's and enevitably nested themselves in the hearts and minds of the Pinoy motorists.  Even though they were conceptualized, created and born in a far away land, they had the uncanny ability to adapt themselves perfectly wherever they may settle.  Their simplicity, honesty and over-all down to earth attitude made them ideal companions for both young and old alike.  You could never go wrong with a Volkswagen.  Being social creatures they also had the tendency to make friends with other Volkswagens around them.  This is why you'd often find them dwelling with other VW siblings in thier respective homes.  They're like little chocolate candies, you can never just have one.... and this is where the fun (or is it pain) begins.......   Welcome to wonderful world of Pinoy Volks!






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