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Volks Trivia
Philippine Volkswagen Trivia  

VW Descriptions, Definitions and Terms:

1. Sakbayan - a contraction of the term "Sasakyan nang bayan ". Literally translated as, "country vehicle". This vehicle is similar to the Australian "VW Country Buggy". It is a rear engined vehicle powered by an air-cooled VW Type 1 engine. It has a canvass top with optional fiberglass top. First introduced in 1969 as "Country Buggy" with the 1300 engine, then as "Sakbayan 815" in 1972 with the 1500 engine, and finally as the "Sakbayan" in 1973, with the 1600 engine. It was road tested twice around the Philippines in 1969 & 1970 and did a 53,000 km London to Manila run.

2. Trakbayan - a contraction of the term "Trak nang bayan". Literally translated as, "country truck". It is a front engined, front wheel drive commercial vehicle powered by an air-cooled VW type 1, 1600 engine. It has a load capacity of 1 ton. It is available in six versions: the high side pickup w/ roof, the high side pickup without roof, the jeepney, the low side pickup, the van and the cab & chassis only.

3. Toro - Spanish and Pilipino language for "Bull". This is a sporty version Volkswagen. The body is fiberglass, the platform is steel. It uses some Karmann Ghia Type 1 body parts & instrumentation, Type 2 tail lights as well as Beetle mechanicals.

4. Kotseng Kuba - literally translated as "Hunchback Car". The VW Beetle, as lovingly called by some Filipino children and enthusiast.

5. Volks - a verbal abbreviation of "Volkswagen". When Filipinos (both VW enthusiast or non-enthusiast) converse, they refer to Beetles and Volkswagens in general as "Volks". In informal correspondence, they sometimes abbreviate Volkswagen as "Volks" instead of "VW".

6. Boks - The Pilipino (Tagalog) alphabet does not have the letter "V". The closes sounding letter to"V" is "B" .VW enthusiast, intentionally spell "Volks" as "Boks" so as to make it appear as an un-educated, semi-literate spelling of their beloved Volks, for the fun of it. I have seen vanity license plates of VW fanatics with the B O K S letters.

7. KGB - The Philippine VW Karmann Registry group call themselves as the "KGB" (Karmann Ghia Boys - not the Russian KGB).


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